Optical Transfer

Why POF (Plastic Optical Fiber) Solution ?

POF(Plastic Optic Fiber) is widely accepted in digital audio systems e.g. AC-3 and DTS. Like glass fiber, plastic optical fiber consists of a core surrounded by cladding. The refractive index of the cladding is made smaller than the core to keep incident light rays reflecting where the core and cladding meet, and down the fiber. When a short pulse of light is shown into the fiber, it can travel down the fiber in several different pathways or "modes" depending on the core diameter and the wavelength of the light pulse. The way light is transmitted down the fiber and switched on and off at different pulse rates is how data is communicated or transferred through the optic.

Different from Glass fiber, Plastic Optical Fiber requires less management extensive and less technical expertise.

For further information, please get the specification sheets at download zone.

Optical Transmitting/Receiving Module



n  High speed signal transmission

u      Audio equipment            u   Sound Card

n  Input TTL compatible

u      DVD player                    u   MP3 player

n  +3~+5V power source

u      PC, Notebook                u   MD


u      Motherboard                  u   Set-Top Box

Plastic Optical Cable

Plastic Optical Cable Specifications

Fiber Diameter (mm)


Attenuation at 650 +/-30nm (dB/M)


Inner sheath


  Carbon black

Outer sheath

PVC, PE, Nylon

Cable OD (mm)

2.2 ~ 7.0

Bending radius (mm)


Operating temperature (C)

-20 ~ +65

Storage temperature (C)

-30~ +70