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  • Hybrid Fiber/Coax (HFC) Networks

             Hybrid Fiber/Coax (HFC) Netwarks 

  • PLC Splitter

PLC Splitter

           GPON/ODN Splitter Series

  • Couplers

Multi-Mode Coupler

           Multi-Mode Star & Tree Coupler

Single Mode Dual-window Coupler

Single Mode Dual-window Star & Tree Coupler

Single Mode Dual-window Low WDL Coupler

Monolithic Single-mode Coupler 1x3 and 1x4 ; Triple Windows (1310/1490/1550)

Single Mode Single-window Coupler

Single Mode Single-window Star & Tree Coupler

Single Mode Single-window Ultra Low PDL Coupler

  • WDM

Fused WDM

Filter WDM

CWDM 4 . 8 . 16 Channel


Receiver Service Cable

MPO/MTP Patchord

Termination cable

  • Plastic Optical Fiber(POF) Solution


Type:  1  3  5


Type:  1  3  5

Plastic Optical Cable