NyX® are registered trademark of Plank Optoelectronics Inc., NyX® technology is also a Plank patented technology and the key to next generation audio speaker design.

NyX® technology is a Numeric Yorking Cross-check technology that ....

Plank is leading an evolution of audio world thru fiber optics technologies.
      Comes with a 3-meter fiber cable, FiDA2100 M-series provides a brand new gaming style for Playstation2 players. The FiDA2100 M-series is capable of connecting the very best digital sound source from Playstation2’s optical output port and sitting close to player.

      FiDA2100 M-series is a minimized Ultra-bass Hi-Fi speaker system and gets the realistic digital sound source from Playstation2 via non-distortion fiber. The ultimate gaming sound effects are boosting next to you.

      Just feel the sound of fiber in trembling.
Enjoy the vibrating sound without harm of tympanum.
     In order to reach the best sound quality, scientists try all means to improve the speaker systems to overcome the acoustic transmission distortion. The awarded best device is headphone set because it’s closed to tympanum, the less transmission required.

     Unfortunately, it’s harmful to human tympanum for long time use of headphone. All the popular portable music players face the healthy problem to their users. Plank FiDA2100 M-series fiber speaker equipped a fiber receiver and a standard 3.5mm stereo plug that provides a ease-of-use way to boost high fidelity music from portable players e.g. iPod, MP3 player, PSP, laptop computers etc. Whenever you take off the headphone set, FiDA2100 M-series is the best pal for your music player.

     FiDA2100 M-series speaker is an innovative personal Hi-Fi system in your room.

     Plank is leading an evolution of audio world thru fiber optics technologies.
Moving Toward Digital World
      Let's look at the historical events of home/personal entertainment in last century:
  • 1906 Canadian Reginald Fessenden broadcasted ¡§voice¡¨. (Audio-based)
  • 1925 Scottish engineer John Logie Blaire assembled the world's first television set. (Video-based)
  • 1956 The first practical, commercial broadcast quality video recorder (VCR) was released by AMPEX. (Video-based)
  • 1980 Compact Disc standard proposed by Philips & Sony. (Audio-based)
  • 1997 DVD Released. (AV-based)
       We can easily conclude that both Audio and Video are playing major roles at home entertainment and DVD occupies the center of home entertainment.
Digital Audio Is On The Way
      CD Digital Audio was released in 1980 and the standard was widely accepted on the market. All the following new standards are in digital formats.
  • CD-DA (Digital Audio) : 44.1kHz,16-bit sound
  • DVD : 96kHz, 24-bit Audio
  • Dolby Digital : Data Rate 384kbps ~ 448kbps (5.1 Ch)
  • DTS : Data Rate 1,141kbps ~ 1,500kbps (5.1 Ch)
The leverage of Digital and Analog speaker
      Owing to the technology barrier, Digital Audio systems are in use of comprising traditional analog speaker system to reach a rational build-up structure.
      The leverage of digital signals and analog speakers cost high to overcome the signal distortion during analog data transmission ot speakers, yet the audio source is digitalized.
Plank All-Optical Audio Concept
      By utilizing the up-to-date Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) technologies, Plank is ability to build-up an Ultra-low-loss Audio System.
It costs high to overcome data loss at both Digital/Analog conversion and transmission.
  • All digital fiber transmission ensures the lowest data loss and close to reproduces the original digital sound at very high resolution (24-bit).
  • Slim optical fiber linkage for high power system.
      The latest consumer electronic devices comprise optical output to meet the quality sound standard in near future.
  • DVD Players
  • Sony PlayStation 2
  • Microsoft XBox
  • MD (MiniDisk)
  • Personal Computern
  • Laptop Computer
  • Plastic Optical Fiber Cable
  • ODA Module
  • Fiber Speaker Module
join us to push the evolution of the traditional audio world. Plank is capable of helping you to leap over the technological barriers of fiber optics and let's present the brand new Optical Digital Audio Systems to the world !
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