FiDA2000 All Optical Digital Audio System
Quality Hi-Fi Sounds are now affordable !
      Plank finally released her first analog speaker system for analog amplifier users in 2007. In past years, the splendid Plank speakers are specially designed for high-end Fiber Digital audio systems. Users have to replace the whole audio system to get the high quality Hi-Fi sounds. Now, Plank offers another solution for analog amplifier advocators and release A2000 analog loudspeaker system.

      A2000 Loudspeaker System consists of a pair of A75W53C speakers and looks similar to the satellite speakers of Planks high-end Fiber Digital audio systems. By using the same acoustic technologies as FiDA2000, A75W53C speaker comes with several unique designs to bring A2000 in a class of it's own. 

  • Back-shrinking trapezoid acoustic cabinet with reinforced inner back design that brings the solid BASS output for this bookshelf-sized loudspeaker.
  • Acoustic cabinet is made by wooden plate with 12mm thickness to ensure the quality middle and low frequency acoustic outputs.
  • The ingenious 4-point pedestal design presents remarkable BASS extension
  • Anti-magnetic speaker drivers were installed in A75W53C.

      A75W53C is capable of supporting RMS (continuous) output at 75 Watts, that means it is suitable for any analog amplifier with 20-100 Watts output each channel.

FiDA 2000 Specifications

Loudspeaker Performance
      1. Tweeter Speaker Impedance versus Frequency
      2. Woofer Impedance versus Frequency
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2007/4/7 A2000
Analog Speaker

IFA 2006 Berlin

2006/1/11 Asia Game Show