Why Fiber?

      POF(Plastic Optic Fiber) is widely accepted in digital audio systems e.g. AC-3 and DTS. Similar to glass fiber, plastic optical fiber consists of a core surrounded by cladding. The refractive index of the cladding is made smaller than the core to keep incident light rays reflecting where the core and cladding meet, and down the fiber. When a short pulse of light is shown into the fiber, it can travel down the fiber in several different pathways or "modes" depending on the core diameter and the wavelength of the light pulse. The way light is transmitted down the fiber and switched on and off at different pulse rates is how data is communicated or transferred through the optic.

      Different from Glass fiber, Plastic Optical Fiber requires less management extensive and less technical expertise.

The basic advantages of optical transmission are :

  1. Low Transmission loss : as a result to require less electricity power to deliver the signals.
  2. No Emission : optical transmission is harmless to health because the there is no magnetic field generated by optical transmission.
  3. Long Distance : owing to the optical transmission feature, there is very small distortion during data delivery (POF at about 0.1dB/10m)
  4. High Data Rate : Glass fiber can easily reach 10Gb/sec and POF standard is 15Mb/sec for audio data transmission(DVD spec). The latest POF data rate is up to 100Mb/sec.

The Basic of POF
Digital Audio Interface(S/PDIF) connections :
POFconnector types :

      1. Toslink Type Conn.

      2. 2. 3.5mm Plug Type Conn.
POF Applications
      There are more and more modern electronic devices equipped with optical output to reach a higher quality audio output. You can find the optical output port at your DVD player, TV game console (Playstation2, Xbox), Hi-Fi Amplifier, and a part of computer, home theater, CD player and MD player….etc.
POF Connector Types

      1. Toslink to Toslink (Square to square types):

      2. Toslink to Mini-Plug (Square to round types):

      3. Mini-Plug to Mini-Plug (Round to round types):

SONY PS2 Digital Audio Interface:
POF for Vehicles
      A major potential of Plastic Optical Fiber is in Car Industry. Owing to the superior feature of none interference between devices by optical data transmission, most of high-end car manufacturers are starting to built fibers in cars to replace traditional cooper wires. That means the huge data flow of your in-vehicle DVD, GPS, and control signals can be transmitted by broadband fibers at the same time. Therefore the POF solution is capable of providing a safe and quality driving environment for all the drivers.
PLANK POF Connection Alert Patent
      PLANK's patented POF active alert connector provides a non-extra cost visual indicator for fiber users to recognize your devices are working properly without expensive optical detector.
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