PLANK NyX® Technology
      NyX® are registered trademark of Plank Optoelectronics Inc., NyX® technology is also a Plank patented technology and the key to next generation audio speaker design.

      NyX®5 technology is a Numeric Yorking Cross-check technology that capable of fine-tuning 5 speaker drivers within a cabinet. By using the unique Plank technology, a single piece loudspeaker is ability to receive the superior full-digitalized audio data with ultra low distortion and re-produce the audio signals in very high performance broad bandwidth sounds.

      The ultimate audio technology is integrated by a variety of acoustics technologies, including 5 major design stages : speaker driver design, cabinet capacity design, passive audio splitter design, digital amplification circuit design, and software design. PLANK is now developing NyX®3 for lower price market segment.

      The new technology leaps over the traditional stereo speaker barrier and presents a brand new audio speaker concept V stereo sound or even 2.1 channel sounds could be boosted in a single piece loudspeaker ! A audio world evolution is now on the starting line.
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2007/4/7 A2000
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2006/1/11 Asia Game Show