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Title PLANK Asia Game Show Date 2006/1/11

      PLANK is the official audio sponsor of Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Limited at Asia Game Show to enrich the sound effects of Sony’s PlayStation2 and PSP (PlayStation Portable) and brought to players the best ever gaming sound experience at fairground.

       PLANK sponsored 110 sets FiDA2100 M-series fiber digital speakers for the biggest year-end entertainment event. Based on the advanced fiber technology, all PlayStation2 at showground connected with PLANK fiber speakers by slim optical fibers. The fully digitalized audio environment presents the remarkable digital sound effect that brought the visiting players an unprecedented gaming experience at Asia Game Show.

      Players also found PSP’s superior sound effect from PLANK fiber digital speaker by simply connecting the headphone jack with a generic stereo cable.When parents walk through the TalkMan pavilion, they were surprised by the clear and accurate pronunciation that generated by PSP and reproduced by PLANK fiber digital speaker.

      Once again, we can easily prove that the digital speaker is the best pal for a variety of digital devices on current market.
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